Why the crud would I join your stupid fanmily??”

— Someone Mean

1) It is NOT stupid; how rude!!
2) You will be featured in Lynne[a]'s Fanmily Blog, which is EXTREMELY ~cool~
3) Fanmily members will be first (or only) to receive any music/merch/info related perks that lynne[a] comes up with. 

To be featured in Lynne[a]'s Fanmily blog:
Step 1: Take a picture of yourself* with something that says "Lynne[a]'s Fanmily" on it!
Step 2: Send this to Lynne[a]'s Facebook page in a message, or e-mail lynneamalleymusic@gmail.com including:

  • Your name/location
  • E-mail address
  • Favorite song or video of Lynne[a]'s
  • Reason why it's your favorite
  • A fun fact about you!

If you have any questions, you can contact Lynne[a] here!
Feel free to get creative.

*If you would like to participate but are uncomfortable submitting a picture of yourself, you can submit just a picture of the sign you make!