Lynne[a] is a pop singer/songwriter,

producer, youtuber, and artist in Chicago.

A heartbroken young Lynne[a] began her official journey with music in Omaha, NE when she failed to make her school's 4th Grade Honor Choir, and her mom suggested she, "stop crying and just join a real children's chorus."

Children's chorus quickly became private voice lessons and high school show choir. Following high school, Lynne[a] began classical music studies (and a brief flirtation with film studies) at Loyola University Chicago, until summers of study with Berklee College of Music convinced her to adjust her focus to modern music. She then transferred to Columbia College Chicago, where she earned a BAchelor's degree in Contemporary, Urban & Popular Music.

Post-graduation, an internship at a Recording Studio cultivated her interest in music production, encouraging her enrollment in an online program with Berklee for a Professional Certificate in Music Production.

In 2011, about halfway through this turbulent tale of Lynne[a]'s musical education, she uploaded her first original song, "The Facebook Song," to YouTube. For reasons ultimately unbeknownst to her, the video acquired roughly half a million views, which contributed the internet fan base for whom she continues to create music & videos.

Lynne[a]'s first original EP, Disjointed, was released in 2014, followed by an original LP in 2016, If I Take off My Shirt Will You Listen to My Music. A new(ish) EP, You Know You Felt, was released on April 4, 2018.

She will kiss you on the face if you listen to her tunage, watch her videos, or follow her on:






she also loves to draw, so check out her art.

Lynne[a] is so grateful that you are here at this moment and cannot wait to smother you with face kisses.